Small changes in your diet make a big difference!

The impact multiplies when a lot of people make small changes. That’s why Green Monday works with you to engage your entire institution – students, faculty, employees, neighbors, and church members to eat more plant-based foods and to celebrate the huge carbon, land, and water savings we can achieve together.
Slow Climate Change

Eating more plant-based foods is one of the single most effective ways to shrink our individual and collective carbon footprints.

Save Water

Eating more plant-based foods is one of the most effective ways to save water.

Save Land

There are over 9 billion land animals raised for food every year in the US, and 31 billion globally. Raising so many animals, and growing the corn and soy to feed them, requires tremendous amounts of land.

Stay Healthy

A plant-based diet can help you to avoid getting sick and speed your recovery if you do.

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