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Colleges & Universities

Green Monday is a flexible platform that can be customized according to your school’s needs. Here are some examples of how Green Monday can be implemented:

Community Education

Green Monday can help you to identify potential partners on campus, including Green Teams and animal advocacy groups. Together, you can promote the program. Here are some ideas.

  • Recruit as many students, faculty, and administrators as possible to pledge to “Go Green Monday.” Your school can create its own pledge page so that you can track the total amount of carbon, water, and land you’re saving!
  • Print and hang Green Monday posters around the school.
  • Table in the dining hall weekly or monthly, gathering pledges
  • Distribute free samples of the Green Monday Special outside of the dining hall
  • Give a brief pitch for Green Monday in health, sustainability, ethics, and social justice classes, then gather pledges.
  • Set up competitions among different dorms or departments to see who can gather the most Green Monday pledges.
  • Host a launch party with speakers, free food, and swag

Fill out this short form, and we’ll be in touch in 3-5 days to help you get the program up and running. You’ll find posters, tabling materials, and certificates on the RESOURCES page. And it’s all free!

Sustainable Meal Choices

  • If your school has dining halls, Green Monday will help you work with campus dining services to ensure that there are attractive, delicious plant-based options on Mondays, featured as the “Green Monday Special.”
  • If your foodservice doesn’t have experience with vegan cooking, Forward Food can provide free training, menus and recipes.
  • If your school doesn’t have a dining hall, use Green Monday’s resources to encourage students and faculty to bring or buy plant-based food on Mondays.

Contact a Green Monday representative to learn more about the program, what implementation looks like, and next steps.