Cities and Town Governments

No experience necessary. We’ll send you a packet to help you introduce and advocate for Green Monday in your city.

The program has two components – featuring environmentally responsible plant-based meals on Mondays (or another day), and educating residents on the impacts of their food choices on climate change and the environment.

Community Education

Green Monday can help you to identify potential partners on campus, including Green Teams and animal advocacy groups. Together, you can promote the program. Here are some ideas.

  • Using free materials on the resources page, table at farmers’ markets, fairs, and other community events.
  • Hold educational programs at libraries, community centers, and private homes on environmentally responsible plant-based food choices.
  • Display Green Monday posters and literature at libraries and community centers.

Fill out this short form, and we’ll be in touch in 3-5 days. We’ll send you a Green Monday Packet to help you get the program up and running.

Sustainable Meal Choices

  • Optimally, all city-owned and city-managed facilities and programs should feature healthy, delicious plant-based meals on Mondays and identify them as Green Monday specials.
  • Incentivize local restaurants to include vegan items on their menus by providing Green Monday certificates for the restaurants and badges for their websites.
  • Request that elected officials model environmentally responsible eating by procuring plant-based food for their meetings and events.

Contact a Green Monday representative to learn more about the program, what implementation looks like, and next steps.