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Faith Based Organizations

Observe Green Sunday in your church, Green Friday in your mosque, or Shabbat Yarok (Green Shabbat) in your synagogue. It could be weekly, monthly, or even quarterly.

On your Green day:

  • Provide or request (if pot-luck) delicious, plant-based food.
  • Educate your congregants and guests on the devastating impacts of industrial animal agriculture. Use posters and literature on the RESOURCE page or create your own. Set up an information table. If possible, periodically address the congregation on some aspect of sustainable and just food choices.
  • Discuss how factory farming violates your faith tradition’s principles and priorities.
  • If your place of worship provides childcare or religious school, offer short, age-appropriate presentations.

Fill out this short form, and we’ll be in touch in 3-5 days to help you get the program up and running. You’ll find posters, tabling materials, and certificates on the resources page. And it’s all free!

Contact a Green Monday representative to learn more about the program, what implementation looks like, and next steps.